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There’s I was having a little Tumblr browse this morning, when I found this post from the & Other Stories official page.

Co-creatives & Other Stories
We invited our favourite personalities and greatest style inspirers. They got to choose their best-loved pieces from our SS/13 collection to create their personal look. They captured their own story with polaroids and we find the result truly inspiring. 
Mimi Xu aka Misty Rabbit, DJ, Paris/London,https://twitter.com/MistyRabbit


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I saw the image before realising who the blog belonged to, and my immediate thought was “oh god, another 13 year old posting thinspo…”, then realised it was a newly launched (so obviously keen to garner good press) fashion brand, owned by a massive retailer. So far, so irresponsible.

Models being too thin is a dead horse that has been beaten more times than Rihanna, but as this image proves, it is still a very serious issue. Now, it says here that Mimi has photographed herself in her best-loved outfit. Well why the fuck would you approve a girl as thin as Mimi Xu here shot with so much shadow, which has no stylistic merit here other than to  really  make a point of exaggerating the visibility of bones on her chest? You can’t even see the clothes – which according to the post were chosen by Xu herself as her “best-loved pieces”. Why did no-one take a second to go – okay, so we’ve got a girl here who looks more like a transformer than a person, maybe we shouldn’t let her photograph herself in a bikini..

In terms of advertising the clothes, this is a pretty piss poor photograph. Shooting a bikini in a dark room, on a girl who is sitting down…This isn’t even ANTM bad, this is like a “moody” GCSE photography project, with added 13 year old weight-wank.

The last part is what really gets me, “we find the results truly inspiring”…The result being what, you’ve let a tremendously thin girl use your fashion to brand as a platform for her own weight-wank, thus garnering you bad press? Is that inspiring to anyone outside the realms of people with a “specialist interest” in eating disorders? The fact that this was on Tumblr as well is another thing that has wound me up, Tumblr is under huge pressure to ban and block the truly RIDICULOUS number of “pro-thinspo” and “pro-ana” (I use quotation marks because both these phrases make me cringe so hard I get a cramp) pages on the site,  an effort which is undermined by posts like this, which whilst not directly labelling themselves as pro-ED, are none the less obviously going to be triggering, but who cares right because, like, y’know, all publicity is good publicity? and, like, people are too sensitive? It gets me as well that this image was probably seen by upwards of 20 people before it got uploaded, and none of them had an issue with it enough to pull it. Good one, guys. Great job.

You can see the post here