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ONE WEEK TO GO, I REPEAT, THERE IS JUST ONE WEEK TO GO. I’m obviously still spending my time listing things I want, rather than buying things for people that are actually expecting presents. If I can’t get all my Christmas shopping done in an hour this Saturday, then it’s not happening. Sorry guys, IOU’s are still a thing, right?




Marc by Marc (by Marc, by Marc, by Marc..) leather backpack, Mr Porter



I’ve always got time for a backpack. I got into ~handbags~ fairly late at 18, prior to this I had a very organised “If I can’t carry it, it stays home”/”stuff everything in my boyfriend’s pockets” approach to life. Since I’ve been cycling I’ve come to re-appreciate the need for some hands-free bag action, and this spicy leather bad-boy is large enough to use for a weekend without looking like a body-bag. 


Drawn In: A Peek into the Inspiring Sketchbooks of 44 Fine Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, and Cartoonists, Amazon

As a very ~artistic~ child, I’m still very much into ~the arts~, even if the extent of my creativity lately has been making covers for my mother’s mixtapes (which did go down a storm, just saying). Anyway, I get a real kick out of other people’s sketchbooks/notebooks etc so this is pretty much perfect.


Tartan shorts, Topshop


Tartan has got my office in a choke-hold. At least six people on my floor have the somewhat ubiquitous Zara grey check scarf, and I don’t think there’s been a day over the past few weeks where I’ve been in a meeting without at least one Rupert the Bear doppleganger. That said, ever the shorts fan, I’m really into these. Tonally they’re not overly aggressive and as they’re shorts (ie, there’s not a lot to them) they’re not going to dominate the outfit as a whole.


Fake pony clutch, ASOS


I’d like a real pony, or a Givenchy ponyskin Pandora, but failing both of these, this clutch isn’t a bad third choice. I’m finally at that stage of life (23) where I feel like I can actually be responsible enough to own a bag without straps. And at £35 I’m not going to cry TOO hard if this trust in myself is misplaced and I lose another possession to the great God of nightbus.


Commes des Garcons wallet, Dover Street Market



I hate wallets. I hate carrying cash. I hate never being able to find anything in my bag more, though. Commes wallets come in roughly 677 varieties, but this one is my favourite. I love the unisex shape, the understated detailing of the stitching and it’s obviously in my favourite colour. 




A non-tanline friendly Milla Jovovich as a proper little mental in Fifth Element




High End

One of my favourite collections of his for a long time – Alexander Wang’s SS13 optical illusion mesh and leather monochrome cut-out pieces



High Street

Always a big player in the designer interpretation game, ASOS, £38



It felt like forever since I punched myself in the face about not being someone else, and then I remembered amazing Essix goff Hannah Marshall.

For the uninitiated, H-Marsh is a Colchester graduated British womenswear designer known for bringing the sexy back to constructed looks, a fondness for leather and her predication for black, black and more black.

Showing since 2007, celebrity fans include Erin O’Connor, Naomi Campbell, Florence Welch, and Stephen Fry Romy off the xx, amongst others. As you would imagine, her personal style is a mirror of her designs – constructed layering, and all black everything. I mostly wear black, there’s just something about a full black look that feels really clean, but one thing I’m always a bit conscious of is looking like some sort of Bedouin encampment when you can’t distinguish between layers at a distance the way you can if you’re wearing colour. Hannah goes to show that all black looks don’t have to swamp, and also that you don’t have to be 8 ft 9 and having a good time for them to look good. Also, that fringe! This is the kind of fringe I always ask for, yet never get.  All I want in life is to not come out of the hairdressers looking like Lisa from Girl bloody Uninterrupted, but apparently this is unattainable. I swear they all just take advantage of the fact I don’t have my glasses on. ANYWAY, NICE CLOTHES AND THAT.

x a b c d e f h



Contrary to what this blog might imply, I don’t spend all my time wishing I was other people. If I did that I wouldn’t have time for my other hobby – eating.


Anyway, Vika is a womenswear designer off of Russia. She began showing in SS07, following a stint as fashion assistant at Russian L’Officiel and a year spent freelance styling. Her designs are, as you can imagine from her personal style, feature very classic, clean shapes, innately feminine without being fussy or overtly sexy.

The 31 year old, like my other obsession Anya Ziourova, is is part of the new breed of Russian style obsessives breaking down the Russian fashionista stereotype of WAGs in micro minks, Fendi sandals and Louis Vuitton everything. Vika is at Paris Fashion Week this season, I’m as excited for the actual show as I am for photos of her out and about.

v6 v1 v2 v3 v4 v5

21 from sample to staple hanneli paris-fwaw2011-vika-gazinskaya sartorialist2 vika_hor_jpg_1328516211 vika-gazinskaia Vika-Gazinskaya vika-vikagazinskaya