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Recently in my never-ending quest for things to spend money on, I stumbled across Cast of Vices, a right nice accessories brand that tick all my accessories boxes – big chains, leather and an appreciation for a rude slogan. (I realise these three things make me sound like a foul mouthed pervert, and this would be accurate.)

There is a substantial selection available in their eShop, but at present, there isn’t a London stockist, but if you find yourself in ~gay Paree~ you can pick yourself up a lil somethin’ somethin’ at French favourite, Colette.

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The eShop also features rare art books from Dash Snow, Dan Colen and Terry Richardson amongst others, band tees, and curios like an actual helmet off of actual Vietnam and US prison tupperware.

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You can get all of the above from their website.


DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid for this, if I was, they’d probably want their money back.