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Despite being more than a bit blind, more than a bit deaf,  slightly completely unobservant and perhaps most importantly, terrified of cycling (and hat hair) I am set to become the scourge of the roads. Here is my new faithful steed.


When I told my mother about this out of character purchase, she said “I’ve got a spazmo reflective vest your nan had for her moped, do you want it?” Despite the charming mental image of my long dead, chain smoking, moped riding German nan tearing through the mean streets of Bristol’s Westbury Village in it, that’s not a look I’m keen to replicate myself.

The popularisation of bicycles among the more fashion conscious of us has led to a Wikipedia page dedicated to ‘cycle chic‘, a bicycle street style book and a slew of bicycle style blogs (check out the Sartorialist’s ‘Bicycle’ tag here) replete with endless photos of Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn, Mary Kate Olsen et al on their two wheelers.

bicycle-style bikestyle1 bikestyle2 bikestyle3 bikestyle4 bikestyle5 bikestyle6

Chanel even does it’s own, complete with quilted handlebars and a 2.55 saddle bag. Naturally.


With all of this bike style envy in mind, and not a “spazmo vest” in sight, here’s my dreamy bike wear wishlist:


Trainers, Barneys

Helmet, Cycle Chic

gloves1Gloves, Selfridges


Dungaree, Asos

acne1Amazing unzippable jacket, Acne

giv1Backpack, Givenchy