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It felt like forever since I punched myself in the face about not being someone else, and then I remembered amazing Essix goff Hannah Marshall.

For the uninitiated, H-Marsh is a Colchester graduated British womenswear designer known for bringing the sexy back to constructed looks, a fondness for leather and her predication for black, black and more black.

Showing since 2007, celebrity fans include Erin O’Connor, Naomi Campbell, Florence Welch, and Stephen Fry Romy off the xx, amongst others. As you would imagine, her personal style is a mirror of her designs – constructed layering, and all black everything. I mostly wear black, there’s just something about a full black look that feels really clean, but one thing I’m always a bit conscious of is looking like some sort of Bedouin encampment when you can’t distinguish between layers at a distance the way you can if you’re wearing colour. Hannah goes to show that all black looks don’t have to swamp, and also that you don’t have to be 8 ft 9 and having a good time for them to look good. Also, that fringe! This is the kind of fringe I always ask for, yet never get.  All I want in life is to not come out of the hairdressers looking like Lisa from Girl bloody Uninterrupted, but apparently this is unattainable. I swear they all just take advantage of the fact I don’t have my glasses on. ANYWAY, NICE CLOTHES AND THAT.

x a b c d e f h



Having previously been responsible for Mandonna’s Super Bowl costumes, in all their leathery Grecian glory, Ricardo Tisci has turned his hand to putting some clothes on now-touring Rihanna. Thank you, universe.

I’m not a Rihanna fan, I mean I’ll have a lil bop if something comes on whilst I’m out, but her whole “I’m not a role model, I’m my own person, look at me dragging my fanny across the floor and smoking weed, I’m mad me!” schtick winds me up. I am however, a big Givenchy fan. My first three designer purchases were all Givenchy (and not a Rottweiler in sight) so I’m excited to see the costumes, even if I’d rather they were on ABBA.

The outfits will apparently be heavily influenced by sportswear and streetwear elements mixed with “haute couture techniques”. So far, so optimistic. Tisci has said of the collaboration, “Rihanna represents what young and amazing means today. She is punk and talented. She offers intelligence, energy and pure beauty.” I put this through a ‘PR bullshit translator’, and this is what he meant to say. “Rihanna represents what young and stupid means today, commercial and over-produced. She offers a smacked out moral compass, paper chasing and a well paid stylist.” Glad we cleared that one up.

I’ll add more photos when I can find them, but for now here’s a first look:




Helping Ricardo Tisci pay his rent with an Antigona bag, Ave Maria men’s jumper.