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ONE WEEK TO GO, I REPEAT, THERE IS JUST ONE WEEK TO GO. I’m obviously still spending my time listing things I want, rather than buying things for people that are actually expecting presents. If I can’t get all my Christmas shopping done in an hour this Saturday, then it’s not happening. Sorry guys, IOU’s are still a thing, right?




Marc by Marc (by Marc, by Marc, by Marc..) leather backpack, Mr Porter



I’ve always got time for a backpack. I got into ~handbags~ fairly late at 18, prior to this I had a very organised “If I can’t carry it, it stays home”/”stuff everything in my boyfriend’s pockets” approach to life. Since I’ve been cycling I’ve come to re-appreciate the need for some hands-free bag action, and this spicy leather bad-boy is large enough to use for a weekend without looking like a body-bag. 


Drawn In: A Peek into the Inspiring Sketchbooks of 44 Fine Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, and Cartoonists, Amazon

As a very ~artistic~ child, I’m still very much into ~the arts~, even if the extent of my creativity lately has been making covers for my mother’s mixtapes (which did go down a storm, just saying). Anyway, I get a real kick out of other people’s sketchbooks/notebooks etc so this is pretty much perfect.


Tartan shorts, Topshop


Tartan has got my office in a choke-hold. At least six people on my floor have the somewhat ubiquitous Zara grey check scarf, and I don’t think there’s been a day over the past few weeks where I’ve been in a meeting without at least one Rupert the Bear doppleganger. That said, ever the shorts fan, I’m really into these. Tonally they’re not overly aggressive and as they’re shorts (ie, there’s not a lot to them) they’re not going to dominate the outfit as a whole.


Fake pony clutch, ASOS


I’d like a real pony, or a Givenchy ponyskin Pandora, but failing both of these, this clutch isn’t a bad third choice. I’m finally at that stage of life (23) where I feel like I can actually be responsible enough to own a bag without straps. And at £35 I’m not going to cry TOO hard if this trust in myself is misplaced and I lose another possession to the great God of nightbus.


Commes des Garcons wallet, Dover Street Market



I hate wallets. I hate carrying cash. I hate never being able to find anything in my bag more, though. Commes wallets come in roughly 677 varieties, but this one is my favourite. I love the unisex shape, the understated detailing of the stitching and it’s obviously in my favourite colour. 




A non-tanline friendly Milla Jovovich as a proper little mental in Fifth Element




High End

One of my favourite collections of his for a long time – Alexander Wang’s SS13 optical illusion mesh and leather monochrome cut-out pieces



High Street

Always a big player in the designer interpretation game, ASOS, £38



Fred Perry have a reputation for great collaborations – notably their long standing line with Raf Simons and last year’s team-up with Dover Street Market to mark their 60th anniversary, which saw 20 designers including Simone Rocha, woodwood and Colette create their own interpretation of the classic Fred Perry polo.

Continuing to offer a fun (without being obnoxious) twists on classic styles, Fred Perry have just launched a line of polos featuring cult 80s gaming fave PacMan, (I promised myself a long time ago if I ever used the phrase ‘geek chic’ I’d hang myself) through ASOS. Ranging from £65 to £75, you can get them HERE.



I accidentally spent a disgusting amount of money by ordering a load of clothes that I was already feeling mildly guilty about buying to my old address, and surprise surprise they weren’t there when I made the pilgrimage over there. Obviously the natural thing to do in this situation is punch myself in the face and be a lot more careful with money for the rest of my life to commit sartorial self harm and…buy more shit!


From my new favourite website in the world, ssense


I bought some men’s sock suspenders the other day, I had a dream that I bought some and they looked really good, and who am I to argue with my subconcious. These give a similar look, but less ‘creepy victorian dad’. These bad boys are from ASOS


I think people at work who are witness to my Hello Kitty obsession think that it’s ~ironic~, but  it really isn’t, I just love that lil bitch. I keep getting shouted at by scary old women on my estate for not having a bell, so I can justify this wondrous find as a NEED rather than a WANT.

ImageI have actually bought this but haven’t tried it on yet. Obviously, being a professional model myself it’s going to look exactly like it does on this lovely lady, and not like sausage meat wrapped in chiffon. Denial is not just a river in Egypt…


I need a new wallet/purse so badly, scrabbling around in the bottom of my bag for change like a derranged pigeon looking for food isn’t my most attractive habit. This Alexander Wang baby is from shopbop.com and is only £125.


My flatmate’s just bought this amazing Patrick Bateman-esque flasher mac (here), it’s a men’s, which doesn’t bother me, but they don’t run it in an XXS or even an XS, so I think I’d look more like a sofa with the wrapping still on it.


I’m not just an incredibly pretty face, I am also incredibly intelligent and interesting which is why I’m going to read this on the tube so everyone will know. No, for real though I find anything about human behaviour really interesting, and I keep reading books about gay alcoholics lately so this’ll be nice for a change. Here’s the Amazon description:

“In his work as a practising psychoanalyst, Stephen Grosz has spent the last twenty-five years uncovering the hidden feelings behind our most baffling behaviour. The Examined Lifedistils over 50,000 hours of conversation into pure psychological insight, without the jargon.” So excited.


This is probably as ~summery~ and ~feminine~ as my summer wardrobe will get. I’m usually against slogan clothing, especially places I’ve never been, but I love how the florals contrast with the black, and apparently all I want to wear at the moment is sheer because I’m a pervert.ImageI’m not usually a Jeffrey Campbell fan, but I’m so surprised I liked these and they’re not black that they’re worth a mention. Again, these are from ssense.



Bomber jackets are absolutely everywhere. I’m a big fan, I love a unisex trend in general and I always find it difficult to buy a jacket that is roomy enough to wear more than just a t-shirt underneath without having to size up. No surprises, but I’m a big fan of the Givenchy bomber jacket selection:


giv1Having been a key feature in the majority of collections for the past two seasons here’s a selection of the best available bomber jackets online, from £2000 to £22:




New Look black quilted, Jeremy Scott, Rick Owens, Cheap Monday, Alexander Wang, New Look grey sleeve, Camilla and Marc, Asos tiger stripe, Blood Brother, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop blue with black sleeve,  Maje, Haider Ackermann, Rick Owens grey pattern, Asos palm tree, Topshop red with black sleeve, Topman black leather sleeve, Topman checked.


When Swedish high street favourite H&M announced the launch of a new “luxe” label, my first thoughts were, why? After H&M getting criticism for perhaps not as stellar as expected designer collaborations (I genuinely saw a H&M Margiela jacket down from £150 to £5 in the Regent Street store), is now the right time to launch a new brand, rather than focusing on improving the existing one?

Secondly, is there really a gap in the market for another high-end high street brand? COS, Reiss, Joseph, Jaeger etc, these all seem to cover all aspects of the high end high street market, from luxe basics at COS and Jaeger to Royal-fave classicism at Reiss. Particularly, COS, which is only 6 years old, is probably closest to the H&M ‘basics with a twist’ sensibility, and also stock menswear,  something that & Other Stories doesn’t at present.


Represented by PR power-house Karla Otto (also home to Chalayan, Viktor and Rolf and Marni, to name but a few) & Other Stories will no doubt be a regular editorial pull and ‘How To Wear…’ magazine feature favourite.

The press release is pretty standard, “Other Stories is a fashion brand offering women a wide range of shoes, bags, accessories, beauty and ready-to-wear to create their personal style, or story. Our creative ateliers in Paris and Stockholm design diversified fashion collections with great attention to detail and quality at an affordable price. It does annoy me when brands say ‘affordable’, because obviously what is affordable to you, mister, might not be affordable to me, with your £40 for a plain jumper sensibilities. I find it slightly patronising. But having said that, Prices are actually a really good scale, basics are mostly around the £30/40 quid mark, which isn’t too bad, with the more exciting items around £100, which is quite a good mid-point, and still, that’s about the same price as Topshop, without any of the wacky sally “STUDS AND GALAXY PRINT ON EVERYTHING!1!!”

It continues, “We believe shoes, bags, jewellery, lingerie and beauty are key for styling and just as important as clothing.” Shoes etc are one thing that ususally fall to the wayside for brands, Zara for instance generally does really good on-point womenswear, yet the shoes are a.) few and far between, and b.) usually really hideous.


I had a look at the website, and I was actually quite impressed. The range is very extensive without being overwhelming (have you ever got stuck in an ASOS black hole? Pop on to look for a skirt, 80 minutes and 8,000 pages later, you go on eBay to look for a noose) with a good mix of product and model shots (can you tell I work in eCommerce?). There’s also a very pleasing Tumblr.

Here are my favourite things currently on offer from the website:



When I’m a broke ass bitch the only thing I can think about is why I’m being denied the means to buy pretty things. Here’s my current list of demands.


ASOS bomber jacket, the high street version of the Acne one I’m lusting after.


As much as his first men’s collection under Saint Laurent Paris wound me up, I still really appreciate Hedi as a photographer. Available from LN-CC.


This is probably as summery as I’ll get, tbh. Available at Topshop


Givenchy boots, on sale!


Airtex is summery, right? From The Ragged Priest


Givenchy Black Dahlia Noir.


I know, I know, another day, another dungaree. This pleather bad boy is from Miss Selfridge.


KFC Boneless Banquet. Don’t judge me.


Despite being more than a bit blind, more than a bit deaf,  slightly completely unobservant and perhaps most importantly, terrified of cycling (and hat hair) I am set to become the scourge of the roads. Here is my new faithful steed.


When I told my mother about this out of character purchase, she said “I’ve got a spazmo reflective vest your nan had for her moped, do you want it?” Despite the charming mental image of my long dead, chain smoking, moped riding German nan tearing through the mean streets of Bristol’s Westbury Village in it, that’s not a look I’m keen to replicate myself.

The popularisation of bicycles among the more fashion conscious of us has led to a Wikipedia page dedicated to ‘cycle chic‘, a bicycle street style book and a slew of bicycle style blogs (check out the Sartorialist’s ‘Bicycle’ tag here) replete with endless photos of Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn, Mary Kate Olsen et al on their two wheelers.

bicycle-style bikestyle1 bikestyle2 bikestyle3 bikestyle4 bikestyle5 bikestyle6

Chanel even does it’s own, complete with quilted handlebars and a 2.55 saddle bag. Naturally.


With all of this bike style envy in mind, and not a “spazmo vest” in sight, here’s my dreamy bike wear wishlist:


Trainers, Barneys

Helmet, Cycle Chic

gloves1Gloves, Selfridges


Dungaree, Asos

acne1Amazing unzippable jacket, Acne

giv1Backpack, Givenchy



Here’s Kasia Strauss in Look #8 from Lanvin’s SS13 collection, described by Alber Elbaz as being focused around “deconstructed classicism.”

This look serves up a solution to that difficult “I work in an office at a swimming pool. I need something both sporty and tailored, with the added option for Baywatch moments. What do I wear to work?” situation we’re all bound to find ourselves in at some point in our lives.

Here’s how to do deconstructed swimming pool office classicism pon de cheap:



Asos £8

LANVIN ann taylor

Ann Taylor £67

LANVIN camilla and marc

Camilla and Marc £150




Topshop £85


Haider Ackermann (LN-CC) £122


Chloe £227




Topshop £80


Asos £45


Choies £88