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Anya Ziourova is one of them fashiony people with a finger in many (low carb) fashion pies.  Starting off at American Vogue, AZ then moved onto Japanese and Chinese Vogue, where she was Fashion Assistant, then Stylist, from whence she moved on to become a regular contributor and eventual Fashion Director of Russian Tatler, where she also began as Creative Fashion Consultant at Russian Allure. She’s also contributed to eight flavours of Vogue, worked with major babes like Mia Wasikowska, Monica Bellucci and Lou Doillon and consulted for brands including Ben Sherman (and weirdly, John Lewis). And…breathe.

Regardless of her many actual talents, Anya is always guaranteed to be one of the most photographed over Fashion Month. I love the androgyny of her style, from leather dungarees to pyjama suits, there’s a boyish playfulness to her outfit choices, even a skirt is usually paired with an amorphous or masculine tailored top of jacket. When I finally decide to stop dressing like a school boy, rather than the 22 year old girl I actually am, I’m hoping I can come somewhere close to this. Let’s hope I’m earning quite a bit more by then…


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