In recognition of Christmas, a time where I can ease off on buying myself presents for being amazing and let other people do it, here’s part one of 25 things it’s a crying shame that I don’t own yet. Hint hint.



World Champion dress by Pero, from Primitive


Is there actually anything better than a sport-luxe maxi dress, conveniently oversized allowing for maximum Christmas-binge potential without having to resort to the boxing day elasticated waist of shame? No? Thought not.


As Seen in Blitz: Fashioning 80s Style, from Amazon


My first and most enduring fashion-era obsession, I bloody love a bit of 80s clubkid fashion history. I found this first in Paperchase, randomly, but it’s a seriously dense, well written and beautifully illustrated book. I’m usually a bit wary of fashion-era compendiums as I find they’re ususally thin on actual fashion theory/history and more ‘Wikipedia page illustrated by Tumblr’-esque, but this is definitely worth a read, and another, and another.


Banging parka, ASOS


I love a parka! However I’m not sure parkas love me. I’m half German, and instead of the Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer flavour of genes, I got the other flavour: short* with a torso about four inches long, and no waist. I’m definitely more rugby player than runway. Anyway, body hang-ups aside [CRYING], this parka actually looks pretty good on. It makes the most of my legs, is ridiculously warm and a bit Rick Owens-esque (never a bad thing), and at £100 is definitely not bad for a winter coat that will actually last.

*(though still average height in 27 countries, according to Wikipedia, just saying)


Nasir Mazhar jumper from Primitive


Ugh. I bloody love a spicy jumper. Great neckline, multi-textured, really pleasing colour combinations, quilting. Obsessed.  Also, #anecdote, I’ve met Nasir and he was literally one of the nicest, babest people ever, which definitely does actually make me feel better about handing over £300 odd quid.


RuPaul! from Bristol based babe African Apparel


I’m a bigger fan of RuPaul than I am of Beyonce, but I’m an even bigger fan of a spicy black and white t-shirt. This has the added benefit of NOT being sold in Topman, UO or any other menswear-by-numbers-slogan-tshirt chain store, which means you’re not going to see 10,000 of them across the dancefloor over the festive period, which is a Christmas miracle in itself.

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