I love a creepy/unintentionally hilarious documentary about freaks, and Channel 4 are usually pretty good at delivering. Fresh off the cringing, shuddering heels of my faves, 15 Stone Babies and My Fat Fetish, came ‘Dogging Tales’. For a documentary about rough couples shagging in a cold forest off a motorway, I wasn’t expecting it to be so ~artsy~, it’s more like a weirdly tense film than a standard ‘ha-ha-weirdos’ documentary. Also, a particular highlight was the participants all wearing animal masks reminiscent of those in the Anna Sui AW11 show:


This is Les. I don’t know what freaked me out more, his love of dogging, his having 18 children, or the fact he was willing to be filmed using Lynx.


This is Les’ girlfriend, who is quite clearly on the verge of some sort of breakdown. I’m not sure how much her eyeshadow would really show up in headlights but A+ for effort.


World’s Happiest Doggers via Anna Sui.

The most obvious example of fashion endorsing a love for the great outdoors is  Steven Meisel’s 2008 editorial for V magazine (originally refused by Vogue Italia), simply entitled ‘Dogging’:


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