Here’s a rundown of this season’s 10 most booked catwalkers for AW13. Unsurprisingly, they’re all white, and it would seem that ‘blank canvas’ was very much the casting trend. A good turn for British models, with one girl in the top five (hay Sam), and also an amazing season for two of my favourite girls, Tilda Lindstam and Kel Markey. Tilda seems to be getting a fair bit of flak for taking the top spot, accusations of “basicness” are being thrown around (which seems ridiculous as compared to some of the others in the top 10 she’s basically Giselle), but in terms of fitting in with the theme this season she’s ‘plain’ enough to be versatile in any look, but she’s not a total no-mark, there’s definitely something special about her. She’s not classically beautiful, but she’s also not scary-quirky and there is definitely a place in fashion for “pretty” rather than DROP DEAD STUNNING girls. Look at the difference between Kate Moss compared to Naomi Campbell, for example, you can’t say they’re not both iconic looking, but for totally different reasons. It’ll be interesting to see how many campaigns the top 10 get, I’m really hoping Julia Nobis gets a few, I love an androgynous model and the fact that she’s not androgynous in an overtly sexual way (e.g Andrej Pejic, Erika Linder et al) could be really interesting for campaigns. Anyway, here’s the top 10 bitches cashing cheques this season.

The 22 Most Important Life Lessons From "RuPaul's Drag Race"

10. Juliana Schurig, American, (DNA, Premier, Elite Milan & Paris) – 60 shows total, opened 2, closed 0


9. Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Danish, (Marilyn, Storm, Elite Milan & Paris) – 60, O4, C2


8. Julia Frauche, French, (Next WW) – 62, O1, C


7. Julia Nobis , Australian, (DNA, Premer, Elite Milan & Paris) – 62, O3, C7

6. Magdalena Jasek, Polish, (Marilyn, Select, Why Not & Marilyn) – 63, O1, C2

5. Marine Deleeuw, French, (The Society, Premier, Why Not & Elite) – 63, O2, C4

4. Sam Rollinson, British, (NYMM, Select, Women Milan & Paris) – 64, O2, C2

3. Ashleigh Good, British, (Ford, Storm, Why Not & Elite) – 64, O7, C4

2. Kel Markey, American, (Supreme, Select, Women Milan & Paris) – 65, O3, C2

1. Tilda Lindstam, Swedish, (IMG WW) – 76, O2, C2



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