Contrary to what this blog might imply, I don’t spend all my time wishing I was other people. If I did that I wouldn’t have time for my other hobby – eating.


Anyway, Vika is a womenswear designer off of Russia. She began showing in SS07, following a stint as fashion assistant at Russian L’Officiel and a year spent freelance styling. Her designs are, as you can imagine from her personal style, feature very classic, clean shapes, innately feminine without being fussy or overtly sexy.

The 31 year old, like my other obsession Anya Ziourova, is is part of the new breed of Russian style obsessives breaking down the Russian fashionista stereotype of WAGs in micro minks, Fendi sandals and Louis Vuitton everything. Vika is at Paris Fashion Week this season, I’m as excited for the actual show as I am for photos of her out and about.

v6 v1 v2 v3 v4 v5

21 from sample to staple hanneli paris-fwaw2011-vika-gazinskaya sartorialist2 vika_hor_jpg_1328516211 vika-gazinskaia Vika-Gazinskaya vika-vikagazinskaya

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