Signed to IMG London, you may recognise Tilda’s Swedish face from the SS13 Chloe and Valentino campaigns.

valentino1 chloe

What I love about Tilda’s style is that it’s easy. She’s a prime example of the age old addage ‘it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.’ Every look is incredibly accessible, and although each item is probably *~”vintage”~*, they could also be easily sourced on the high street. Whilst her look is definitely more hangover than haute couture, there’s definitely a place for this in the world, and a good hangover look needs love too. Also, as we know from my paean to Anya Ziourova, I can’t ignore a dungaree.

tilda lindstam tumblr_mek8tw3tx71qbd0qho1_500 tumblr_mek8wbXlMU1r1t6dgo1_500 tumblr_mgyayuaNie1qaylzno1_500 tumblr_mgyb07hUgG1qaylzno1_500 tumblr_mh3j6stjuj1qk7h9wo1_500 tumblr_mh4thlgL6k1r6ttygo1_500 tumblr_mhk8bvpysn1s24yxao1_500 tumblr_mhm3nxjEyb1ra5y2yo1_500 tumblr_mhqn5pfbEO1r1t6dgo1_500 tumblr_mht6y4Mwiw1ra5y2yo1_500

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