Alexander Wang’s neice is so cute my ovaries have exploded all over my desk finding these pictures.

Better dressed than most people my age, let alone hers, Aila is a regular at her uncle’s catwalk shows, papped as much as the rest of the front row in her scaled down designer outfits (check out the Chanel in the third picture) it shouldn’t be right to be this jealous of the wardrobe of someone who can’t climb a set of stairs unattended (although, this can be said for a fair few models tbqh).

aila aila-wang-e1347521890666 tumblr_mf5tgnlPzM1s0qtxgo1_500 tumblr_mf8srbJLfE1qbc9uxo1_500 tumblr_mfk0uf6Oxw1s0qtxgo1_500

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